Objects with painted surfaces may need conservation involving removal of discolored coatings

and filling and inpainting losses.  Even though conservation still requires dealing with a paint layer,

the substrate on which it is painted can change the approach to the repair.


Damage to painted crest on chair, before and after inpainting.




Icon with damage to gilding and paint layer

During photograph of painted tray treatment

During photograph of painted tray treatment


Scottish drum coated with dirt from standing floodwaters


Icons require special attention because they often have gilded and painted surfaces.  Frequent handling leads to necessary repairs.

The drum pictured above was submerged in floodwaters for a period of time allowing dirt and moisture to compromise the surface.

The painted tray had many layers of varnish and grime built up on the suface from years of use.

It had become so dark, the details and colors had been obscured.

With each object there is a different set of problems, but with each is a need to restore the painted surface to its original colors.