Each item is evaluated and a treatment proposal is made.  Work begins upon client’s agreement to the proposal and estimate.


Sully 11

Traditional Oil Paintings

~Cleaning and varnishing

~Structural repairs including lining and tear repairs, consolidation of flaking and lifting paint

~Filling and inpainting of losses

~Removal of old and failing restorations and repairs

~Reframing and proper housing




Paintings on Non-traditional Surfaces and Painted Objects

~Including but not limited to painted furniture and wood, serving trays,

             paintings on metal, reverse painted glass, and three dimensional painted objects

~Cleaning and varnishing

~Consolidation of flaking paint

~Filling and inpainting of losses

~Removal of old restoration




Gilded icons


~Consolidation of lifting paint and gesso

~Filling losses

~Inpainting losses and regilding

~Removal of old restoration





Gilded Frames, Mirrors, and Furniture

~Cleaning, removal of old restoration and bronze paint

~Stabilizing loose ornament and consolidating unstable surfaces

~Repairing broken structural elements

~Filling losses, recreating missing ornament, carving replacement pieces

~Replacing gesso, bole, and regilding




Condition Reports, Collections Surveys, and Insurance Proposals

~Assessing and documenting damage from fire, water or other

~Preparing treatment proposals and estimates for insurance companies

~Surveying collections, providing condition reports

~Digital photographic documentation



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