Special Projects

Working in studios with conservators specializing in different disciplines allows for collaboration

on projects.  Sharing information about materials and techniques and employing different skill sets

opens new possibilities for treatment.  It also eliminates the need for objects to be moved multiple

times to different studios, lessening the risk of damage.


Early 20th Century Dollhouse


This dollhouse required the conservation efforts

of a paper, furniture, and  painting conservator.

In addition, digital photography was used to recreate

the missing paper “brick”.  The paper was printed

and toned to match the existing surface.  The whole

dollhouse was cleaned and stabilized to prevent

further deterioration.  Wood pieces were recreated

to replace losses.  Those and other losses were then

inpainted to match.





Ship Figurehead

This figurehead was on display at a maritime museum and was in great need of repair.  The museum wanted

to display the figurehead upright as it would be seen on a bow.  The existing mount was inadequate to

support the weight.  The wood had softened and needed stabilization.  Losses along the edges

of the repair needed to be filled and inpainted.  An objects, furniture, and painting

conservator collaborated on this project to return the figurehead to her position of prominence.