Water damage to gilded frame



The most common damages to gilded frames are broken bits of molding,

loss of gold, and overpaint.  Water damage, age, shrinkage of wood substrates

and improper environmental conditions can cause the gesso to loosen and fall

off taking the gold surface with it.  Frames can get bumped and dropped,

knocking of corners and pieces of decorative molding.  White spots of gesso

remain, distracting from the original beauty of the frame.





The shiny ribbon detail has been cleaned of bronze paint revealing the gold surface.


Repeated cleaning, can eventually wear off the gold

leaving an uneven surface.  Often well-meaning

attempts to even out a worn or damaged surface

result in a coat of bronze paint being applied.

The metals in this kind of “radiator paint” oxidize over

time, tarnish, and turn dark.  This paint can be stripped

and the damage to the surface gold restored.

Missing pieces are filled with gesso and larger, more

ornate pieces are molded, cast and fit into place.








Gilded frame partially cleaned


Many times a period frame accompanies an original work of art.

The frame’s restoration ensures it will remain in good repair with the piece as it was intended.



Losses to decorative outer molding and very worn gold on highest point of frame rail


Broken wing on gilded composition eagle